On choosing pets 

For many years, watching documentaries has been part of Frances’s very strict bedtime routine: if she does not watch a documentary or if she falls asleep during one, she will wake in the middle of the night crying and repeating, “I didn’t watch a documentary.” So, I try to start bedtime early enough so thatContinue reading “On choosing pets “

Nurturing self-acceptance

  One of my projects has been to illustrate a story about my maternal grandparents for my children. My mother’s parents lived a life that appeared to be supported, rather than encumbered, by self-consciousness. My grandparents exemplified self-acceptance, so I hope that they make good story subjects. In a journal dated November 2012, I wrote:Continue reading “Nurturing self-acceptance”

Escaping the confines…

We were leaving a bookstore when my six-year-old daughter’s frantic little voice reached me. Frances excitedly  waved a book from her favourite Mo Willems series in my face: It was as if she had always hoped that the author’s characters would develop greater self-awareness. I couldn’t stop myself from giggling.


My art journal began well before our younger daughter, Frances, 7, received the diagnosis of high functioning autism spectrum disorder (aged 6), before I suspected or acknowledged that her development was not typical, and before Aspergers became known as HF ASD. Keeping the journal has been useful in a few respects: it was sufficiently informationalContinue reading “Driving “