On choosing pets 

For many years, watching documentaries has been part of Frances’s very strict bedtime routine: if she does not watch a documentary or if she falls asleep during one, she will wake in the middle of the night crying and repeating, “I didn’t watch a documentary.”

So, I try to start bedtime early enough so that she can watch a documentary and have enough time to have her questions answered.

In the following panel, Frances (6) and I are watching one of her favourites — it is about turtles and tortoises. 

Our family hasn’t really sat through a television show or a movie in years — at least, not in a way that most people would expect. 

Even during her documentaries, the question experience is so intense that we have to enable subtitles whenever possible.

While we may not be able to watch a movie without constant interruptions, the extra effort is worth it as the questions are oftentimes more entertaining than the movie itself.  🙂


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