Dolls, dolls, and more dolls…

Our house is now overrun with dolls of every kind.

There are baby dolls and friend dolls with furniture, clothes, and accessories; antique and vintage porcelain dolls; fashion dolls, houses, clothes and accessories; Monster High dolls, Groovy Girls; Strawberry Shortcake, Calico Critters, Polly Pockets, Olivia the Pig, and Teacup Pigs with clothing, play sets and accessories; Playmobile figures; stuffed animals, animal figurines including horses and ponies with play sets and accessories, ride-on horses and ponies; Furreals; Zhu Zhu Pets and accessories; My Little Pony ponies, play sets and accessories; Littlest Pet Shop pets, play sets and accessories…

There are also doll catalogues, baby-oriented magazines and catalogues, as well as books pertaining to childcare & safety.

What used to be the playroom has become the doll room.

Frances’s interest began at about 13 months: I noticed that she was having a tantrum because her older sister was holding a doll. Frances just had to have it: she didn’t play with it; she simply wanted to hold it. (It has always been about dolls, and about books and household items as well.)

Honestly, when it comes to Frances and dolls, the word “interest” just doesn’t seem strong enough. 🙂

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I love to write, make art, etc. about my children, 16 and 12. I'm just doing what I like to do, and, if I happen to be raising awareness of high functioning ASD (my 12-year-old daughter has HF ASD), that's great.

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