Last Saturday, we drove to Frances’s ballet lesson, but we also tried to have a bit of a leisurely drive as well. I’ve written about it before in a lighthearted manner, but I don’t mean to trivialize the fact that it is very difficult to drive with Frances.  It is hard to admit thatContinue reading “Lessons”

Letter perfect

When she was 18 months, it seemed hard to get Frances’s attention. It always had been, but because of her interest in letters, I ended up noticing more acutely. She carried around a bag of Bananagrams (letter tiles) all the time. She would shove it into my hands, and I would say, “Oh, you wantContinue reading “Letter perfect”


Since about 9 months of age, Frances has been fascinated by light-emitting objects: book lights, flashlights, house lights — during the day and during the night.  Once she is distracted by a light-emitting object, it is very hard to redirect her attention. Unless it’s at bedtime, we generally don’t mind, though we discourage turning houseContinue reading “Lights”


On our vacation last week, not only was I reminded of how much Frances likes gears, but I remembered how much I love them, too. At the science centre that we visited, I think that I was the only adult who was very focused on making a large chain on the gear wall.