Five years ago 

In preschool, Frances didn’t speak to anyone, ever. After every class, I would approach the teachers and ask if she’d spoken, and they would always shake their heads and say, “Not today.”

She was a tiny three-year-old with long, corkscrew curls who wouldn’t acknowledge, speak to, or play beside others, and I wasn’t yet very worried as much as I was just surprised to be realizing this about my daughter. 

At any rate, she spoke freely to me using an impressive vocabulary, but to everyone else she was a silent child.

So, imagine my surprise when I was called to speak to the teacher about something that she had said in class: the one time that Frances had spoken to anyone in her class was to tell the other children that Santa Claus didn’t exist, that it was “just something written about in books”!

It was doubly shocking for me because we had always kept the Santa narrative alive in our family, yet clearly she’d developed her own opinion.

That being said, whilst still a non-believer regards the jolly elf, she is today excited about the end of Halloween and the beginning of the Christmas season.

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I love to write, make art, etc. about my children, 16 and 12. I'm just doing what I like to do, and, if I happen to be raising awareness of high functioning ASD (my 12-year-old daughter has HF ASD), that's great.

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