Our View-Master experience 


Vintage screen time

Tonight, at bedtime, Frances asked me to show her my vintage View-Master. We had a great time looking at slides of Winnie the Pooh and Bugs Bunny. 

She said, “Sometimes, the old things in life are just better, right?”

Then, we made a pact to look at View-Master slides every night.


Field trips

Frances has a field trip at school today: her class has gone to a relatively nearby conservation area for the day.

She doesn’t usually want to go to school at the best of times. All last night, she fretted about today and the trip.

Mostly, it was due to anxiety about lack of predictability: she repeated over and over again that she didn’t know what they would be doing during the trip.

Usually, the teachers will take the time to explain what she could expect to happen, but something (such as general busy-ness) must have prevented such a talk this time.

(Schedules and structure are really very important to Frances — she thrives on predictability. Her school has been very good in this respect.)


With help from her occupational therapist, Frances has been sleeping alone and in her own bed each night for the past week. Now, since I’m not unintentionally falling asleep at her bedtime, I’m catching up on some television.

Early rising 

Frances has taken to waking up between 3:00 and 4:00 a.m. 

At first, the early waking would happen only once in a while. Then, it became weekly. Now, it is happening at least three nights a week.

When she wakes up, it’s for the duration of the day, too. She goes through the rest of her day and evening without showing any signs of tiredness.

Keeping her up later didn’t work.

I have no idea why it’s happening, or if her sleep pattern is changing for the long term.