The music is the process

There are many stereotypes about people with ASD that Frances is going to confront. It might even be a trickier matter than I originally thought since it occurs to me that she actually has stereotypical traits and behaviours. Music, for example. In the long process of getting her diagnosed, one well-meaning paediatrician asked, “Is sheContinue reading “The music is the process”

Perpetuum mobile

Frances is always active, forever in motion.  On school breaks and weekends, we need to take her outside to let her run around, otherwise she experiences discomfort in her legs as well as meltdowns. Since toddlerhood, Frances has always found ways to move around. For instance, she sometimes constructs ‘roller blades’ or ‘scooters’ using veryContinue reading “Perpetuum mobile”


With the temperature hovering around -16 yesterday, we decided that the best thing to do would be to go ice skating. So, we headed out to the local indoor rink. Frances learned to skate yesterday — her father taught her while I trepidly tiptoed on the ice in my skates.