Glasses update

When Frances was about four months old, our doctor informed me that Frances needed to see an ophthalmologist: her eyes were crossed (bilateral strabismus) and they weren’t straightening out on their own. 

Consequently, she got glasses at five months old. (It was quite a challenge to keep those glasses on her while she was a baby: she kept taking them off, and I was always nervous about the possibility that she would poke herself in the eye with one of the temples.)

At eighteen months, she had surgery on both eyes. (Unbelievably, she was not distraught in any way either during or after the operation.) Afterwards, for the first time in her life, she was able to see out of both eyes at the same time.

So, the surgery was very successful in that respect, especially considering that one pediatrician actually took ‘before’ photos of her after telling me that it was the most severe case of strabismus that he had ever seen.

Unfortunately, the surgery over-corrected one eye and that eye turns outward at times, especially when Frances is tired. 

On Tuesday, we learned that the doctor wants to correct the alignment, so Frances got yet another prescription…

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