I’ve written about how Frances’s sleeping problem has always been an issue, but not about the work Frances is doing with the occupational therapist.

We have been working a five-week plan that involves changing my sleeping space weekly: the first week, I slept on a mattress beside her bed, then, in the second, third and fourth weeks, the middle of the room followed by the doorway and the hallway. 

I am happy to say that I am now sleeping just inside my bedroom! Okay, maybe not happy, but I’m excited that we are in the fifth week.

With the exception of a couple really bad (read: meltdown) nights, it has been smooth-ish sailing.

Next week, I will return to my own comfy bed and Frances will be comfortably ensconced in her own bed — alone. This should mean that we will both get a good night’s sleep from now on.

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