Good conversation

Frances: Mummy, I want to meet Temple Grandin…Does she like ponies?

The sun

Frances: I saw this in a painting once, so I decided to copy it.


Frances’s many out-of-the-blue questions often reflect her need to verify rules.

Recently, she asked:

“Never put seaweed on extremely dry hands, otherwise the natural dyes in the seaweed will turn them green, right?”

They don’t always make sense to us, but they always make us think.


In the year-long period following her almost overnight, incredibly rapid speech development, Frances was given to inventing words and phrases that served whatever purpose she might require at the moment.

She definitely caused a lot of stifled laughter.

For example, at the new age of three, when her older sister was sick one time, Frances held her own ear and claimed that she had “polka-dot earness”. My journal from that day reads:

“May 10, 2010


Acute condition of unknown etiology. Characterized by tears and sudden need for attention, relapses and remits in direct relationship to presence/absence of older sibling receiving attention. Refractory to treatment that does not include the application of ice.”

We haven’t let her forget that one unbearable ailment. 😉

Sea Monkey world

screen-capped video of Sea Monkey kit

Frances has been watching videos of Sea Monkey kits being assembled on YouTube — her latest interest.

These little shrimp don’t do much at the best of times, and they do just as much in a ten-minute-long video as far as I can tell.

I don’t always understand her interests, but I always try to enjoy them with her.