Dolls, dolls and more dolls

One day recently, Frances and I were going to the toy store because she wanted to spend her allowance. Seeing as how she had bought a baby doll the week before, I insisted that she not buy one on this trip to the store.

I know that I’ve spoken about her intense, uh, focus on dolls of every type, so it won’t be too much of a shock to learn that she actually bought horse figurines (i.e., horse dolls). Well, she didn’t, in fact, buy a baby doll, so that’s something.

Published by Pink Cup Mum

I love to write, make art, etc. about my children, 16 and 12. I'm just doing what I like to do, and, if I happen to be raising awareness of high functioning ASD (my 12-year-old daughter has HF ASD), that's great.

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