The price of politeness?

Yesterday, Frances had a long ballet class because it included a rehearsal for the upcoming (very large) recital.

During a break, she ran up to a group of parents and children, who were in the midst of talking and laughing, and announced:

“Tomorrow’s my last day of school. I go to a private school.”

Everyone in the group stopped what she was doing but was very polite: someone told her how fortunate she was as other children weren’t finished school until the end of June.

Then, she hopped, skipped, and twirled back to me, and the group continued as before.

I’m very glad that everyone was polite, but part of me thinks that she may have learned more if they had shown surprise and awkwardness at the unexpected interaction.

Well, that’s what social interaction looks like for now. A year ago, she would not have wanted to approach the group. The year before that, she would not have been aware of the group.

Everything in its time!

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