The last bow

On Saturday night, Frances had her annual ballet recital (Swan Lake), and it went very well.

Each year, I get special permission to stay backstage with her in case she gets overwhelmed by noise or by separation. She was very overwhelmed near the end, and I talked her through it as well as I could.

One thing that we kept in mind was the fact that it would be her last ballet recital. (She wants to focus on something else instead.) 

Besides, others were relying upon her, so she had to see it through to the final recital bow. 

I had to say goodbye to many ballet moms that I’ve known for ten years (since Pink Cup Sister first danced). Frances said goodbye to her classmates, to her teacher, and to some other special people.

I’m really going to miss ballet. 

(Besides the physical benefits, it’s great for helping to develop character: children learn that there are expectations as to attire and behaviour with respect to time and place; they learn how to follow instructions, to work within a group, and to be accountable to others. They strive towards personal development while achieving something bigger than any one individual at the end of the season. They really learn that not everything is about them but that everything depends on their sense of commitment. It’s such a fantastic teaching tool for self-discipline.)

But, alas, there are new and exciting things ahead, and Frances is embracing the change which is completely unexpected. So, onwards and upwards!

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