Miniature food

Frances doesn’t play independently: she won’t enter rooms by herself or stay on her own in one. So, keeping her entertained in summer is especially difficult.

Pink Cup Dad works at home, so it is essential that I keep Frances occupied.

Sometimes, I recruit Pink Cup Sister to spend quality time with her; mostly, however, I take part in whatever activity she’s doing.

The other day, she told me that she wanted me to make doll food for her à la her favourite vloggers.

So, recently, we’ve taken to crafting doll food using cornstarch dough and craft paints.

Below, I tried my hand at cucumber and bread and chocolate cake.

It’s quite a lot of work, but it has been worth it to try.  🙂

Published by Pink Cup Mum

I love to write, make art, etc. about my children, 16 and 12. I'm just doing what I like to do, and, if I happen to be raising awareness of high functioning ASD (my 12-year-old daughter has HF ASD), that's great.

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