High five

So, yesterday, I was exhausted and not in the best of moods. Keeping up with Frances and keeping her occupied were not going very well. To top it off, I thought that I would be heading home after taking her to a splash pad, but then I realized that I had to go grocery shopping.

After said shopping, as I was transferring bag after heavy bag from the cart to the back of the car, Frances looked at me and said, “Hi, Mum. Give me a high five!”

“I can’t right now with the bags in my hands,” I told her. 

But it made me smile and secretly giggle. The fact that she asked me for a high five when I definitely could not do it, that she wasn’t reading the strong cues, struck me as very cute and very her.

(Not reading cues is something that we do work on so that she can be more independent, but at that moment I was simply appreciating who she is.)

I high-fived her as soon as I could.

At any rate, Frances being Frances cheered me right up.

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I love to write, make art, etc. about my children, 16 and 12. I'm just doing what I like to do, and, if I happen to be raising awareness of high functioning ASD (my 12-year-old daughter has HF ASD), that's great.

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