Hair care issues

I’ve been composing and recomposing a draft letter to potential hairstylists in order to find one within reasonable driving distance who is able to work with Frances.

We really need to have her hair cut: it’s so hard to take care of such long hair on someone with extreme tactile sensitivity.

I don’t usually obsess over such things, but I want to avoid understating the difficulties in doing her hair while I also want to avoid scaring off potential stylists.

In my opinion, it’s best to be absolutely forthcoming with anyone who will work with my child and her needs, but when do I mention the strong possibility of a fullblown meltdown and what it would look like?

Do I just keep trying different stylists until I find one who is willing to follow her around the room with a comb and a pair of scissors? 

We won’t be seeing her occupational therapist until after the completion of behavioural therapy, but, months ago, she told me that finding a stylist who has worked with these special needs before is definitely possible. I just have to keep looking.

So, back to my letter.

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