When Frances verifies rules with me by asking questions (all day long), they’re often — but not always — correct. 

I know that there are much more recent examples, but I just happened to have seen the following while browsing my notes.

Frances: You wash your hands after taking off skirts, right? (May 1, 2016)

It’s the point at which a developmental difference is fairly obvious. When she gets it right, it sounds like a curious kid who is focussed on rules; but when she gets it wrong, it sounds like a very untypical question for a child of her age (or anyone) to ask.

She’s quite capable: intellectually, she is about 13 years old (socially, she is much younger), while her actual age is nine. Her questions just sometimes reflect a difficulty with generalizing.

Personally, I love her questions and verifying of rules, and sometimes I feel bad when I have to correct her.

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