I will pick you up…

Me: I will pick you up on your wedding day.

Frances: No, you won’t! I’m never going to get married…I want to be an old maid with 12 cats.

(August 2015 / 8 years old)

Duty of care

Frances: During a zombie apocalypse, I wouldn’t trust you to watch me while I sleep. I think you would lie down and read and eventually fall asleep. If I wake up dead during a zombie apocalypse, I’ll blame you.

On the piñata

Today, at camp, Frances is supposed to be making piñatas. Sounds fun, right?

She has been talking about it for the past couple of days, and only this morning did I realize that she hasn’t been informing us as much as she has been expressing anxiety.

Pink Cup Dad and I tried unsuccessfully to convince her of how much fun she would have. 

She asked, “Do you know how many children get knocked out at birthday parties every year because of piñatas?”

“Exactly zero,” I assured her. “Besides, you’re just making them at this point, and that certainly isn’t dangerous.”

Eventually, we gave up trying to change her mind as we arrived at the day camp and just told her how to avoid getting hit with a stick when it comes time to bash them.

Fairing well

I took Frances to a fair today by myself: I was either brave or foolhardy, I don’t know which. 

The bells, speakers, whistles, loud music, strangers, people talking to her — what could go wrong? Right?

Well, now, she surprised me. She was afraid of the noises at first, but we stayed at her request. She pretty much ignored people speaking to her, and several tried. 

She was mostly concerned about whether or not the woman who coughed on her had just a smoker’s cough or an actual infection. Would she get sick? (I assured her that she wouldn’t.)

(I wiped her off with wet wipes, and she felt better for a few minutes.)

She was very concerned about the possibility of getting sunburnt, even though I had liberally applied sunscreen before leaving home. Could I buy her a hat? (I didn’t buy her a hat.)

She didn’t want to go on rides, but she enjoyed thinking about how they worked.

She especially wouldn’t go inside a large plastic bubble floating on water: the risk of structural failure meant that she could get wet. Didn’t the kids inside the bubbles know that? (I guess they didn’t.)

The two great parts of the day for her: getting to ride a pony and being allowed to jump by herself in a bouncy tent though she was officially too tall (no smaller kids were there).

So, all in all, it was a very successful outing for us. Pink Cup Dad got some rest (as he’s nursing a headache), and we got some practice in doing things that she’s afraid to do (such as going to a fair).