Day camp

I’m feeling a little guilty today… Frances started her first August day camp this morning, and she wasn’t happy about it. She keeps telling people (including me) that I’m making her go to camp.

I believe that I made the best decision for our family considering that I’m having a hard time keeping her entertained, and that she’s very bored from day to day: she doesn’t entertain herself, I’m not sleeping well, and she really could use the opportunity to be around other children despite her protests.

Ordinarily, I don’t really avail myself of day camps as I tend to think of them as a resource for working parents who need childcare — I usually just choose a couple weeks for both girls according to their specific needs. 

A few weeks after school let out for Frances, I realized that at least one more camp would be necessary (while trying to accommodate vacation periods) in order to help things along. Her school’s camp had one space available for this week — and that’s where she is.

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