Routine and reading 

As you probably already know, Frances (absolutely) has to watch documentaries at bedtime. When she expresses an interest in reading as well, I encourage it.

I always promote reading — I really do — but bedtime may not be the best time to read for Frances: she just never gets tired

The night before last, at around 8:50, she asked if she could read “just a little bit” before bedtime. At 12:30 a.m., she was wide awake and still reading.

She becomes so engrossed in the story — her mind so active — that the activity loses the soporific effect it probably would have had on someone else. 

At a half-hour past midnight, I was impatient and told her that I was going to sleep, that I couldn’t wait for her to do so as I normally would, and she merely shrugged, said “Okay” and kept reading.

We’ll see if it happens again (it didn’t last night). I’ll keep my fingers crossed, but I know very well that she may dismiss the idea of reading if she thinks that I won’t stay with her while she falls asleep.


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