This year has been brought to us by the letter…

In addition to some issues with both figurative and pragmatic language, Frances also struggles with articulation in her speech.

But speech therapy appointments are now once a month instead of once a week. 

She produces spontaneous Rs now about 90 per cent of the time which is up from 0 per cent ten months ago when we started back in November 2015.

Many of the spontaneous Rs are considered correct, while the Rs that she has to consciously produce have her holding her tongue a little too far back in her mouth at the moment. Still, it’s an R! 

There were times when I really wondered if we would hear Rs in her words. She has always used W as in wabbit and thwew as well as sounds at end of words such as “uh” (e.g., buttuh) that have made her sound as if she has an English accent. 

As more and more Rs appear in her speech, I can more frequently understand her the first time that she says something (which is less frustrating for her).

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