Old journal entry

Just came across a journal entry from December 2012, when Frances was five (and playing Minecraft every day). 

I remember having to stifle a giggle during the following conversation:

Me: Hi, Frances. How are you, my darling?

Her: Don’t go in the lava or you’ll burst into flames. 

Her struggle with pragmatic language (everyday social stuff) was really unknown to us at that point. 

We didn’t yet know that she had ASD, but we did think her responses to questions (or, commonly, the lack thereof) were often unusual.

Mostly, questions such as “How are you?” were left unanswered; at other times, her language reflected either an interest or curiosity out of context to the people, the things, or the circumstances, within her environment. 

For example, “Did you hear me say I love you?” might have been met with, “Do chickens eat more than corn?”

We actually still work on pragmatic language with her, but this journal entry reminds me that she has come a long, long way in four years!

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