The case of the friendly cat

One of the most wonderful things about Frances is that she loves a good mystery: her mind won’t let something go until she has considered it from every angle — and even then, sometimes.

At the park today, a kitten followed us around and played with Frances and her cousin for a long time.

The cat was friendly and enjoyed a good belly rub. She was also clean and well cared for, so we figured that she must have a human family somewhere nearby.

Unfortunately, a little girl, who wasn’t wearing a coat and was about the same age as Frances, came along and promptly took the cat away while claiming that it was hers.

This little girl behaved roughly with the cat and sat her in a baby swing. She picked the cat up quickly and tried hard to keep the cat from escaping her attention.

This did not sit well with Frances and her cousin, and Frances concluded that the cat probably did not belong to the little girl.

She had several reasons why (including the fact that the girl had hesitated when asked for the cat’s name), and asked us many questions at the park.

I told my sister-in-law that Frances would not be able to stop trying to solve the mystery, and I knew that I was right.

A couple hours later, back indoors, Frances could be heard posing her questions about the cat and its supposed owner.

Six hours later, as she was settling to go to sleep, she wanted to tell me the reasons for suspecting that the girl was not the cat’s owner.

Tomorrow, and for some time after, we will go over it all again until Frances is comfortable with the mystery not being solved. 

By then, she will have found a new mystery…

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