Lots of time 

Frances loves routines in general, but there’s one that she dreads: waiting in reception areas to see a medical professional. 

From occupational therapy, behavioural therapy, developmental pediatrician, speech therapy, and ABA sessions to private social group, dentist, and the good ol’ family doctor once in a while — we’ve had dozens of appointments since Frances was diagnosed a few years ago.

In the waiting rooms, sometimes there are toys, sometimes there are sense-oriented equipment, but often there are only books and magazines. So, we usually just bring our own entertainment to help pass the time: Barbies, baby dolls, or an iPad.

There are days when I know that waiting will be too hard for Frances regardless of her travel activities, so I don’t even sit down when we arrive at the reception area. I just follow her around, and my engagement seems to be enough to distract her.

Some days, something out of the ordinary will occur, such as a hospital testing its emergency alerts, and I have to try to keep Frances calm by holding her ears (alarms) or her eyes (flashing lights).

Mostly, waiting simply involves keeping Frances occupied to avoid boredom and tears.

But, it’s all good. We do what’s necessary when necessary. We just do a lot of it!

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