The faces that you meet

I was reflecting last night upon the fact that it has been just a little over 3 years since Frances’s HF ASD diagnosis.

Though I normally just read or sketch while waiting, I found myself having a conversation with a mother of two children with diagnoses of severe classic autism last night while Frances attended an ABA (applied behavioural analysis) social group. 

Both the woman and her children seemed very familiar to me. Her children were actually the exact age of Pink Cup Sister.

She asked me about Frances’s diagnosis, and I did my best to explain that Frances was given a diagnosis of high functioning ASD but that we were told that it could possibly be high functioning autism (as opposed to what used to be known as Aspergers). 

As the woman and I spoke, it occurred to me that she and I had a lot in common: there were definitely differences in our experiences, but we both had lives that revolved around routines, accommodating/managing/anticipating behaviours, setting goals, and going to appointments.

It transpired that we had been seeing each other off and on since Frances was a toddler and her girls were around four or five years old.

Before Frances was ever diagnosed with ASD, she was seen by professionals for gross motor and slight language issues.

So, we attended a development and rehabilitation department at a beautiful, ancient hospital where goals were set and each one was met through play groups, physiotherapy, or early-communication groups (from 12 months to 26 months old).

It was at this building that the woman and I would have seen each other in waiting rooms, corridors, and parking lots.

It was nice to meet her formally, and I ended up getting some good, useful information on summer activities for Frances.

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