Security object or sensory input?

Thinking about hats

Last week, Frances left her beloved My Little Pony hat behind after her social group.

This doesn’t sound like a big deal, but she wears the hat all day just about every day and her school accommodates her. I’ve always thought of it as her security object (like the stuffed animal that she has carried everywhere for four years).

As we headed to a Tim Hortons coffee shop to wait for Pink Cup Dad to pick us up, I didn’t believe any of my own words of reassurance that we would get it back. I was quietly panicking.

In the past, losing a special object has meant many tears and much discussion.

The next day, I made several phone calls to the hospital to different people and left probably frantic-sounding messages.

The good news is that I tracked it down. The great news? Frances had much less difficulty being without her hat for a week than I anticipated. It might be because I found it so quickly, but who knows? Maybe it’s not so much a security object; maybe she just likes the way that it feels on her head.

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