Pink Cup Mum

I’m a married mother of two special-needs children who loves to write, sketch, draw, cartoon etc.

I write mostly about my daughter “Frances” who was diagnosed with high functioning ASD (autism spectrum disorder) at the age of 6.

Maybe I’m helping to raise awareness of high functioning ASD and autism by sharing my writing and my art journal — I don’t know.


Why a pink cup?

When she was five, a year before she was diagnosed with ASD, my daughter, Frances, had an epic meltdown. Her sister had a pink cup at supper — not her pink cup, not a specific pink cup, just a pink cup. It struck me as such a unique moment, and I felt as if I was the only person in the universe experiencing it at that particular point in time.

Later on, I realized that I really shouldn’t judge myself by the same standards as a “typical” mother would judge herself because nothing — absolutely nothing — about my life was typical where Frances was concerned. I had to parent Frances the way she needed to be parented and not worry about what others — including relatives — thought.

The symbol of a pink cup reminds me of how unique each family is, of how certain commonalities connect ASD families, and how much I need to avoid being so hard on myself.


2 thoughts on “Pink Cup Mum

  1. Hi! I have read and re-read your blog and I am so impressed! I have the privilege of nominating someone for a Liebster Award and I am wondering if you would accept?
    The rules are:
    -You must have less than 200 followers
    -You get to write a blog post listing me and my blog in the first paragraph saying I nominated you.
    -You list 11 facts about yourself and then answer 11 questions I ask you.
    -You get to then nominate 1-3 of your your peer bloggers and ask them 11 of your own questions.
    Let me know if you accept my nomination and can complete the post in the next few days/week! Thank you!

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