O, the irony!


I will pick you up…

Me: I will pick you up on your wedding day.

Frances: No, you won’t! I’m never going to get married…I want to be an old maid with 12 cats.

(August 2015 / 8 years old)

Moving forward

As a baby, Frances had gross motor delays that required the help of a physiotherapist from about the age of 13 months to about 19 months. 

She had trouble turning over, sitting up, crawling, and walking with confidence. Upon completing physiotherapy and play groups, she was completely caught up in her milestones. 

Now, since about the age of three, Frances frequently uses Lego (and its like) to invent unique methods of facilitating movement in her love of being in constant motion.

Over the years, she has asked for a ‘motorized vehicle’, but we affectionately joke that we don’t think that she needs any help to move around more often or more quickly anymore.  πŸ˜‰