Trauma bay?

Since she was three years old, Frances has had an intense interest in all things medical 🏥. It shows up everywhere, especially at 11 years old. The other day during March break, Frances announced, as she typically does (literally) in passing, what was on her mind: “Mum, if someone were saying, ‘I can’t feel myContinue reading “Trauma bay?”

Pragmatic language

Me: Can I give you a muffin? Frances: Gypsy moths are an invasive species. Me: Okay. Here’s a muffin. Because it remains a challenge for Frances, her social/pragmatic language often produces very unusual exchanges between us. This one caught me off guard one recent morning, and I had to stifle a giggle. I will alwaysContinue reading “Pragmatic language”

Worth a try

Frances: I think people are getting bored of me talking about horses at school. Me: You’ve got to let others talk about themselves. Frances: I let Sally talk about her guinea pigs, but it was so boring. Me: You have to let yourself be a little bored, and then others won’t mind being a littleContinue reading “Worth a try”