Things have been insanely busy around the Pink Cup House, but I wanted to catch you up. Frances, at nearly 11.5 years, is changing. For one thing, she has become very tall and lanky, and she’s starting to appear more teenager-ish. For another thing, she is now likely to share facts with people as aContinue reading “Changes”

But dinosaurs weren’t pink…Right?

I have two daughters (9 and 13) and the closest I’ve ever come to a non-girly themed celebration was the Backyardigans party that I arranged for Pink Cup Sister’s 4th birthday. Now Frances, who is obsessed with dolls and horses, has just announced that she wants a dinosaur-themed party to celebrate her 10th birthday! I’mContinue reading “But dinosaurs weren’t pink…Right?”

The new ABA group

Frances was near crying as the other girls of her ABA (applied behaviour analysis) group walked into the reception area. “I’m not going,” she told me. “I don’t want to go somewhere without you,” she said. She was pouting. “You didn’t consult me. You didn’t even ask me if I wanted to do this,” sheContinue reading “The new ABA group”