Milestones: the infancy through toddler years

So, we reached a milestone yesterday, but I really think that I should put it in some perspective, give it some context. Frances has had many milestones to reach over the years. You wouldn’t know it unless you had been around us at the time, but there was a point at which we didn’t knowContinue reading “Milestones: the infancy through toddler years”

Climbing the walls

When Frances was younger, starting as a toddler, she would climb anything and everything. It was quite impressive even though it was frightening. When I mentioned this to her wonderful doctor (a developmental paediatrician), a few years later, he asked: “Has she ever fallen?” The answer was that she had not, and still has not,Continue reading “Climbing the walls”

Rule of thumb?

Every day, Frances verifies many rules with me. Usually, they come out of the blue, but sometimes I know what inspired them. Yesterday, she asked me what happens to biomedical waste. I googled the term, and then we discussed what is supposed to happen and what sometimes happens. Today, the following conversation… Frances: Don’t catchContinue reading “Rule of thumb?”


Frances’s many out-of-the-blue questions often reflect her need to verify rules. Recently, she asked: “Never put seaweed on extremely dry hands, otherwise the natural dyes in the seaweed will turn them green, right?” They don’t always make sense to us, but they always make us think.

By the numbers

  I chose to post this panel because it illustrates some important aspects of Frances’s life:  (1) math and numbers — she is very good and very fast at math; it is her favourite subject, and she has great facility with numbers in general; (2) rules — she is rules-based in her behaviour. Rules areContinue reading “By the numbers”