Frances speaking with Siri:

“Do time machines really exist? What is a table? What song am I singing?”


Frances made a cute list of things she wanted to do before Christmas during Christmas vacation — number five was my favourite: Capture an elf. She said she might believe in Santa if she could capture an elf.


The Christmas carol

It takes on new meaning in our home.

For example, while listening to Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, at the “as they shouted out with glee” part, Frances asked:

“Is ‘glee’ a company that sells telephones?”

While listening to We Wish You A Merry Christmas, at the “we won’t go until we get some” part, Frances said:

“That really gets me. After about ten minutes, would you call the police?”

Merry Christmas!

In the car today…

Frances announced, out of the blue:

I think slugs are beautiful because they’re decomposers. Their slime helps decompose things like logs…and you.

I haven’t done any art for this quote because…Well, I am squeamish about slugs.

Today’s quote

It’s early yet, but I think I already have my favourite quote for today from my favourite eight-year-old (and, as usual, it appeared out of nowhere):

Did you know that ghosts ride the bus for free? But not on my watch, right?

Today, in recital news

The Christmas season brings recitals (such as those today), and recitals provide a lot of free time in which Frances may formulate questions.

In the past, she has asked: “Do you have to clap if you don’t like the performance?” and “Mum? Mum? Mum?! Why do I have to clap if the performance wasn’t good?”

Today, at recital number one:

When she asked if she could get her coat from across the room, I thought she knew to wait for the right time. My mistake. She thought it meant to take the fastest route to the other side of the room even if it meant nearly knocking over the person introducing a piece of music. 

At recital number two:

For some reason, the subject of taxidermy occurred to her, and she asked, loudly, “If our cat dies, can we get her stuffed?”

I have to admit, I laughed in spite of myself at the latter question. (But, after the first recital, I felt so bad for not remembering to tell her to wait until there was a quiet moment.)