Unexpected answer 

Frances: I think Daddy wants even my dollhouse to be neat!

Me: Oh, why?

Frances: I think it’s OCD.

For the love of dolls 

Lots of drama yesterday when Frances found this in a toy bin.

She actually threw it out which, in itself, is incredible.

Miniature food

Frances doesn’t play independently: she won’t enter rooms by herself or stay on her own in one. So, keeping her entertained in summer is especially difficult.

Pink Cup Dad works at home, so it is essential that I keep Frances occupied.

Sometimes, I recruit Pink Cup Sister to spend quality time with her; mostly, however, I take part in whatever activity she’s doing.

The other day, she told me that she wanted me to make doll food for her à la her favourite vloggers.

So, recently, we’ve taken to crafting doll food using cornstarch dough and craft paints.

Below, I tried my hand at cucumber and bread and chocolate cake.

It’s quite a lot of work, but it has been worth it to try.  🙂

Horse-riding doll

We’ve been spending a lot of time outdoors lately due mostly to the weather but also to add to the realism of the horse-and-doll scenes.

Frances spends all of her doll time setting up scenarios but doesn’t actually play. Once the setup is achieved, she moves on to another scenario. There is no imagined interaction between the doll and her surroundings once everything is in place.

When she was being evaluated in 2013, the developmental paediatrician noted that her use of toys did not include storylines.

It’s subtle to the casual eye but very obvious once you know what you are seeing.

Dogs on display 

Frances lines up her many dogs…

We went to her favourite toy store after school yesterday so that she could spend her allowance. She ended up buying — you guessed it — dolls. (Dog figurines from Melissa & Doug.)

From very young toddlerhood to now, she has always lined up her toys.