Things have been insanely busy around the Pink Cup House, but I wanted to catch you up. Frances, at nearly 11.5 years, is changing. For one thing, she has become very tall and lanky, and she’s starting to appear more teenager-ish. For another thing, she is now likely to share facts with people as aContinue reading “Changes”

Saying goodbye

Frances has always struggled with pragmatic language (social language and skills in everyday interactions with others). Partings for Frances have always been difficult in the sense that, at first, she didn’t know that speaking is necessary when people temporarily part ways.  Then, after some time, she realized that something needs to be said, but didn’tContinue reading “Saying goodbye”


  Last Saturday, we drove to Frances’s ballet lesson, but we also tried to have a bit of a leisurely drive as well. I’ve written about it before in a lighthearted manner, but I don’t mean to trivialize the fact that it is very difficult to drive with Frances.  It is hard to admit thatContinue reading “Lessons”


My art journal began well before our younger daughter, Frances, 7, received the diagnosis of high functioning autism spectrum disorder (aged 6), before I suspected or acknowledged that her development was not typical, and before Aspergers became known as HF ASD. Keeping the journal has been useful in a few respects: it was sufficiently informationalContinue reading “Driving “