On the bus

I was wearing a hoodie today — my one and only hoodie — when I went to pick up Frances.

Her: Oh my gawd! You do not look great in that! You can’t wear that EVER AGAIN!

We always say: if you want the truth, ask Frances…   🙂

(I just want to add: she speaks honestly, without any malice whatsoever, and it is quite refreshing.)


What about Bob?

Frances discovered Bob Ross and The Joy of Painting this morning on Netflix. 

She found his mellow voice and unquestionably effectual techniques quite soothing, and asked, “Would this count as a documentary?”

While technically not a documentary, I agreed to her watching it at bedtime because it has such an hypnotic effect on her. Bob Ross is good for anxiety!

I had never considered this show as a possible means of helping her get to sleep. But, yes — Bob!

(For a reminder or to learn about this laidback painter and his show (1983-1994) go here.)