Impeccable logic

On this day in 2011, when Frances was merely four-years-and-one-month old, we had the following conversation:

Frances: Why do I have to go to preschool?

Me: Well, it’s to help you be okay spending time away from me when you go to junior kindergarten in September.

Frances: How long is junior kindergarten every day?

Me: Six hours.

Frances: How long is preschool?

Me: Two hours.

Frances: So how can preschool be helping me? It’s not.


Me: How did you know that?

Frances: I read the information, it went to short term memory, and then it was stored as long-term memory.

I love how literal — and very specific/precise — Frances’s answers can be. In this case, she actually explains the process of knowledge acquisition as she understands it… I forget what we were actually talking about!

On the bus

I was wearing a hoodie today — my one and only hoodie — when I went to pick up Frances.

Her: Oh my gawd! You do not look great in that! You can’t wear that EVER AGAIN!

We always say: if you want the truth, ask Frances…   🙂

(I just want to add: she speaks honestly, without any malice whatsoever, and it is quite refreshing.)

I tried…

— Frances, do you want to go check to see if the timer on the oven is done yet?

— No.

— Are you sure?

— Yes.

— Maybe you really want to but you just don’t know it yet because you haven’t done it?

— Be quiet.


Entrepreneurial spirit

Me: Would you like to help me write blog posts to talk about books that we think would be good for people with autism?

Frances: Are you going to give me money for that? Because that’s a JOB.

(September 17, 2014 / 7 years old)

None taken?

Me (to myself): Good job!

Frances: Mum, if you don’t have somebody else’s input, that’s just an opinion. Just saying. No offence.

(September 9, 2015 / 8 years)