Lego in motion

Not only has Frances been nonstop energy 18+ hours per day since she was 13 months old, she has always sought or invented alternative methods of transportation.

At the age of three, she began asking for a “motorised vehicle,” but we’ve always thought that she moved around enough without the assistance of a motor. The last thing we needed was a way for her to move around more or faster! 😂

At any rate, using her imagination has resulted in great things.

In the photo, she is eight years old.

What I love about this photo is not only does it show her cleverness, it proves that “toys” are what the child makes of them. Frances hasn’t played in a typical way nor has she usually used toys in the way that the manufacturer intended; however, she has always found ways to occupy herself and to learn and to have fun.

Frances invents vehicles

Another use for umbrellas

Playing in the sprinkler without having to deal with the sensation of water splashing against her body. 

Doll crafting

Even though she has many doll houses and innumerable accessories, Frances has recently begun to craft (as above) her own using cardboard boxes, magazine pictures, and stickers.

She has been having such a hard time socially at school this year that I decided to help her today: I went through some old magazines, cut out photos and glued them to cardboard. 

It’s not much, but I’m hoping that, when she comes home, she’ll be so happy for the surprise that she won’t revisit the difficulties that she probably encountered today.

(It’s really heartbreaking to think of her playing by herself outside for an entire hour at recess time because she is having difficulty connecting with others.)

The apple game 

At the age of 26 months or so, Frances went from speaking less than the average child her age to using compound sentences, correct adjective-adverb distinction, and story-telling, in an incredibly short period of time. (It truly seemed to occur just about overnight.)

Fast forward to March 4, 2010, when Frances, two months away from turning three, is talking about the “apple game”.

Me: What is it?

Frances: It’s where I go get an apple and throw it at something.

Me: Uh, no. No, we’re not going to play that game. (By this point, she is running to get the stool that she uses to reach the apples.)

Frances: You should watch me, Mummy. It’s very cute.

Moving forward

As a baby, Frances had gross motor delays that required the help of a physiotherapist from about the age of 13 months to about 19 months. 

She had trouble turning over, sitting up, crawling, and walking with confidence. Upon completing physiotherapy and play groups, she was completely caught up in her milestones. 

Now, since about the age of three, Frances frequently uses Lego (and its like) to invent unique methods of facilitating movement in her love of being in constant motion.

Over the years, she has asked for a ‘motorized vehicle’, but we affectionately joke that we don’t think that she needs any help to move around more often or more quickly anymore.  😉


Frances drew a picture of the new bed that she wants for her new bedroom — I think that’s a turret in the top right section. And that’s definitely a slide in the bottom right.


Inventor extraordinaire!

Pink Cup Dad and I always joke that Frances doesn’t need ways to increase mobility: she is constantly active. So, it is funny but not surprising that she frequently uses Lego (and its like) of all sizes to facilitate movement.