Literary critic

I just found this gem of a conversation. Frances had just turned four.

Frances: The ugly duckling is really a swan? The swan egg got accidentally into the duck nest? How could that have happened? That doesn’t make any sense…!

Me: Uh…

Impeccable logic

On this day in 2011, when Frances was merely four-years-and-one-month old, we had the following conversation:

Frances: Why do I have to go to preschool?

Me: Well, it’s to help you be okay spending time away from me when you go to junior kindergarten in September.

Frances: How long is junior kindergarten every day?

Me: Six hours.

Frances: How long is preschool?

Me: Two hours.

Frances: So how can preschool be helping me? It’s not.

Driving and feelings

I’m not the only one in the family of whom Frances asks wonderful, out-of-the-blue questions. Occasionally, I get to overhear conversations such as the following (in the car, when she was seven years old):

Frances: You can’t touch feelings. You can’t see feelings. So, why do you believe in them?

Pink Cup Dad: I experience them.

Frances: If you experienced a vampire, would you believe in them?