To thine own self…

Today, upon receiving an invitation to a birthday party being held at a karate instruction centre, Frances said:

“I don’t want to do karate: I’m a girl of peace, not war!”

To the letter

Last week, Frances started speech therapy. Language-wise, she is highly verbal; speech-wise, she needs some help: she has difficulty producing the letter “R” and she has a lisp. (Without the “R”, she sounds as if she has an accent.)

Last night, Pink Cup Dad and I watched her work very hard. The therapist and she were playing a board game, and each time she produced the letter “L” with her tongue in certain positions, she was able to take a turn. Frances loved the game.

(The therapist uses the letter “L” to get to “R”.)

For the first time ever, we heard her use an “R” and we heard it with vowels as well!