Today, on the bus…

While pointing at a woman sitting opposite us on the bus, Frances said:

“Is it a style to have your hair that crazy? Or maybe she’s on her way to the hairdresser?”

On the bus

A couple days ago, as we waited for a bus in the pouring rain, Frances asked, “Who in their right mind would be out in this kind of weather?”

I boarded the bus and sat beside her. Frances leaned over, and in her best stage whisper (for she has no ‘library voice’) said, “Remember when I asked you who in their right mind would be out in this weather?”

I put a finger to my lips to indicate that she needed to lower her voice.

“Remember?” she asked more loudly.

“Yes,” I answered.

“Well, apparently? There are lot of people who are out of their minds in this town!” she said loudly.

I lost my composure and laughed out loud.

With great sincerity, Frances looked at me, annoyed, and said, “Shhhh. You need to be quiet.”

Dramatic elements

Only one of my children, technically, is a tween, but there is no shortage of drama where eight-year-old Frances is concerned, either.

Interestingly, her drama involves language with which, if someone else had spoken or if she had been reading, she would have had great difficulty. But it’s her figurative language, and that makes all the difference. 

The other day, on the way home, Frances, deadpan, announced:

I want to go home so badly that I would jump into a pirate ship and fight off twenty pirates just to get there.

Fortunately, I only expected her to jump into a bus, but it is good to know that she would have been prepared in either case… πŸ™‚