Our mid-night Mozart

Frances has been waking up to play with her toys in the middle of the night this week, and this might have gone largely unnoticed today if she hadn’t also decided to play the piano con forza at about 4:00 a.m!

(None of us can recall what she’d been playing.)

Ode to Joy

Frances has been learning the piano since she was a preschooler, but only within the last couple years has she been able to play music by ear after hearing it.

In fact, only within the past year has this ability been truly honed. She will play melodies that she hears with either one or both hands. 

But, since the age of three, she has been drawn to the instrument to the degree that she runs up to it dozens of times a day.

Yesterday, after an ABA session, she ran through a park up to the musical section of a play structure and played Ode to Joy (which she learned partly by lesson and partly by ear).