Milestones: the infancy through toddler years

So, we reached a milestone yesterday, but I really think that I should put it in some perspective, give it some context. Frances has had many milestones to reach over the years. You wouldn’t know it unless you had been around us at the time, but there was a point at which we didn’t knowContinue reading “Milestones: the infancy through toddler years”

Honesty as truth speaking…

Yesterday, we had a support worker from a respite program come to our house for an interview. We are members of an organization that offers this summer service (a support worker comes to take Frances out into the community for a few hours each week) as well as monthly opportunities to socialize at well-planned events.Continue reading “Honesty as truth speaking…”

Pragmatic language

Me: Can I give you a muffin? Frances: Gypsy moths are an invasive species. Me: Okay. Here’s a muffin. Because it remains a challenge for Frances, her social/pragmatic language often produces very unusual exchanges between us. This one caught me off guard one recent morning, and I had to stifle a giggle. I will alwaysContinue reading “Pragmatic language”

Decoding gestures

For anyone who struggles with the meaning of gestures (such as pointing, request for handshake, etc.) the world must be difficult to decode. For one thing, their meaning varies from culture to culture; for another thing, the different contexts in which a gesture appears at different times, or should not appear, within the same cultureContinue reading “Decoding gestures”

Language and context

She sometimes says “thank you” instead of “you’re welcome”, or she might say “you’re welcome” before the other person has a chance to thank her. My adorable little girl is learning language and context, so I always tell her the correct response. But, as I’ve mentioned recently, in these moments I get a chance toContinue reading “Language and context”

Saying goodbye

Frances has always struggled with pragmatic language (social language and skills in everyday interactions with others). Partings for Frances have always been difficult in the sense that, at first, she didn’t know that speaking is necessary when people temporarily part ways.  Then, after some time, she realized that something needs to be said, but didn’tContinue reading “Saying goodbye”

Parting ways…

I have been teaching Frances how to say good-bye to someone at the door when she leaves the house.  This is not something that has come naturally to her. From the time that she could speak, there were no greetings or goodbyes for anyone entering or leaving our home; there was no acknowledgement whatsoever. EvenContinue reading “Parting ways…”