Local lines 

Frances and I both enjoy discovering local architectural details.


The power of books

Almost exactly two years ago, we went to the CN Tower. On an observation deck, Frances faced in the opposite direction of the other tourists: she had pulled out a book and started reading. May she always do things her way!


By the numbers

I chose to post this panel because it illustrates some important aspects of Frances’s life: 

(1) math and numbers — she is very good and very fast at math; it is her favourite subject, and she has great facility with numbers in general;

(2) rules — she is rules-based in her behaviour. Rules are important to her in that she needs to learn them in order to interact with others, but also in the sense that her behaviour is motivated by rules. She often verifies rules in her questions;


(3) questions — it is the means by which she communicates with others, and a fascinating use of language;

(4) danger — when not climbing or bolting, Frances has a keen sense of danger.

Inventor extraordinaire!

Pink Cup Dad and I always joke that Frances doesn’t need ways to increase mobility: she is constantly active. So, it is funny but not surprising that she frequently uses Lego (and its like) of all sizes to facilitate movement. 


On Technology…


That the world doesn’t always make sense is something to which we all can relate in some measure; however, to one who is so intensely logical, I think that it must be simply mind-boggling at times. (In this panel, she is five years old.)