Vintage journal entry, vintage Frances

Parrots are creepy
She was seven years old at the time.


Literary critic

I just found this gem of a conversation. Frances had just turned four.

Frances: The ugly duckling is really a swan? The swan egg got accidentally into the duck nest? How could that have happened? That doesn’t make any sense…!

Me: Uh…

Impeccable logic

On this day in 2011, when Frances was merely four-years-and-one-month old, we had the following conversation:

Frances: Why do I have to go to preschool?

Me: Well, it’s to help you be okay spending time away from me when you go to junior kindergarten in September.

Frances: How long is junior kindergarten every day?

Me: Six hours.

Frances: How long is preschool?

Me: Two hours.

Frances: So how can preschool be helping me? It’s not.

Vintage quote

From my journal of January 11, 2014, when Frances was six years old:

What if I was the only kid on the planet…? Then, I would be lonely because I would be the only one in my class. The good part is that I would get a lot of time on my own…

Vintage quote

Today’s vintage quote is from November 17, 2012, when Frances was five years old.

We were getting out of the car to go into the house when she asked one of those questions that make her sound like a little philosopher.

Frances: Is this real or am I dreaming? How can you tell the difference between being awake and dreaming?