Toy Reviews 

I’ve written about her intense interest in dolls, but not many people know this: Frances much prefers watching toy reviews on YouTube to actually playing with the subject toys. 

She watches toy reviews at every meal (if we didn’t let her, she couldn’t sit still long enough to eat) and while she is actually playing.

As a result, her knowledge of toys (especially dolls) and toy brands as it appears in casual conversation can sound impressive.

Today, a family friend gave her an unopened Barbie, and Frances said: “This was released in 2011.”

Me: How do you know that?

Frances: I saw it in a toy review. 

Me: What happens if you press these buttons when it has batteries?

Frances: She’ll start talking about Ken and other things.

Inventor extraordinaire!

Pink Cup Dad and I always joke that Frances doesn’t need ways to increase mobility: she is constantly active. So, it is funny but not surprising that she frequently uses Lego (and its like) of all sizes to facilitate movement.